Preksha Meditation: A path of Self Realisation and Eternal Joy!
Nurture the practice of Preksha or Self-Perception to see your own self. Blossom with Preksha Meditation to connect with your soul at its most profound level and achieve a state of super consciousness. This blissful meditation purifies emotions and conscious, nullifies negative vibes and is a technique for attitudinal change, behavioural modification and integrated development of personality!

Know how Preksha meditation enriches life:-
 A highly effective relaxing de-stress practice. Calm downs mental & emotional turmoil!
 Enhances mental abilities, concentration level, creativity, will power, intuition and insight!
 Turns body into a powerhouse of energy with enriched immune system & vital energy!
 Helps in getting rid of harmful habits, phobias and permanently transforms personality!
 Awakens the hidden limitless knowledge, energy and bliss within!
With Preksha Meditation journey far beyond conditioned mind, beyond thought, beyond form & discover your being! Alas, Evolve as a Peaceful, Enlightened, Happy Person~!!
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Preksha Meditation Trainers Camp - Level-1, Level-2
19.2.2017 ,Tulsi Adhyatma Nidam, Jain Vishva Bharti, Ladnun, Rajasthan

Preksha Trainers Camp Level-1, Level-2
19.2.2017 ,Tulsi Adhytma Needam, Jain Vishva Bharati,Ladnun (Nagaur) Raj


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A new path and a new direction
The man, who has control over his emotions, can go very far. The man who cannot fully control his emotions, but has limited capacity and controls his passions to some extent, is able to maintain the status...
   Do You Know ?   Personal Experience
  Practice of Perception of bright white color at the center of enlightenment (center of forehead) cures anger from root, pacifies emotional anxieties and gives mental peace, tranquility and bliss.  
Thanks to Preksha Meditation, I have been able to see myself and understand that Im not just a body filled with emotions, habits, etc. but something ..
Litvinova Dorothy
Rostov-on the Don city, Russia