Acharya Tulsi International Preksha Meditation Center

Preksha Meditation is like poetry!

It is an opportunity to center yourself and look inward. It can be refreshing, and rewarding.

And, of course, it is enlightening!

And what better place to experience Preksha Meditation at it's best than at the Acharya Tulsi International Preksha Meditation Centre?

Situated in the peaceful & serene campus of Jain Vishva Bharati in the midst of inviting desert lands of Rajasthan! With the enchanting dance of peacocks; the cool breeze under the shadows of neem trees in the hot summers; or the warmth of a bright sun in the chilling desert winters... the insightful landscape welcomes you to embark on a unique spiritual journey.

Practicing Preksha Meditation at this tranquil space is a wonderful way to invite your mind to relax and expand as you settle into a deep meditation experience. It is a calming and an introspective experience at the same time.

A sneak peek into the space where the journey of Preksha Meditation happens spontaneously....

The center comprises of:

  • Sambodhi: The Meditation Hall, is a magnificent pyramid shaped meditation hall that can accommodate more than 300 meditators under one roof.
  • Besides the meditation halls, the center has other halls and an auditorium designed & equipped for hosting theory sessions, presentations, seminars, workshops etc.

  • Mantra Pyramids:

    Five mini pyramid shaped halls, each one dedicated to one of the five sections of the sacred Namaskar Mahamantra. The divine influence of these powerful mantras get exponentially amplified by the shape & ambience of these halls. It provides a unique experience of color and mantra meditation that is not available anywhere else.

  • Anand Nilay:
  • It is the residential block of the centre, comprising of comfortable AC & Non-AC accommodation and a spacious kitchen & dining area.
  • The center serves vegetarian food prepared with the secret ingredient of love and care. The menu is specially designed to be conducive for meditation.

  • Besides built up spaces, the centre also has open spaces with dedicated zones for yoga, Gaman Yog and meditation in natural surroundings.
  • This center is a sacred space created for the purpose of facilitating spiritual practices. The campus is a silence zone. It's also no substance abuse zone, no smoking & no drinking zone.
  • This revered center serves as the headquarter & central point for learning, experimentation and practice of Preksha Meditation.
About Jain Vishva Bharati:

Acharya Tulsi International Preksha Meditation Centre is located within the Jain Vishva Bharati campus at Ladnun, well known for its serene ambience of peace, penance & peacocks.

  • The Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha, the preparatory school for future Jain Shwetambar Terapanthi nuns (mumukhsu sisters) is also housed within JVB campus.
  • It is also the international headquarters for the Samanis wing of Terapanth from where all operational affairs of Samanis are co-ordinated.
  • The campus has the benefit of continuing benevolent spiritual presence of large number of monks and nuns undergoing spiritual sadhana in the pious environment of the centre.
  • Jain Vishva Bharati is also the mother institute and home for the first Jain University in the world viz., Jain Vishva Bharati Institute.
  • Other facilities at campus includes an Ayurvedic Hospital and Medicine production facilities, a modern Physiotherapy Centre, and a Yoga & Naturopathic Hospital and Medical College.

It is also the place where Preksha Meditation was born!

About Ladnun

Ladnun is a small town in the desert lands of Rajasthan in the north-western parts of India. It is the birthplace of Acharya Tulsi, the ninth supreme head of Terapanth. It is also the town where Jain Vishva Bharati, the flagship organization of Terapanth, is located. Ladnun is designated as the "Capital of Terapanth".

How to Reach?

Located right on the national highway No. 58, Ladnun can also be reached by direct trains from cities like New Delhi, Jodhpur, Surat, Ahmedabad, Mumbai etc.

The international airports of Jaipur & New Delhi are located at a distance of about 210 and 350 KMs respectively. Regular buses from Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur and many other locations are also available.

Contact details:

Acharya Tulsi International Preksha Meditation Centre
Jain Vishva Bharati,
Landnun - 341306
Dist. - Nagaur (Rajasthan) INDIA
Phone : +91 82333 44482

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