Kayotsarg: Self Awareness by Relaxation

Play this half an hour audio to practice Kayotsarg!!

  • Kayotsarg is a great solution to mental and emotional stress
  • A Mantra for emotional well being
  • A Must to combat the stress of modern days urban lifestyle
  • Its a practice to switch off the mind for a while
  • A great method for realizing separate existence of soul from body
  • It gives a way to come face to face with the Self
  • It's a key to dissolve the 'I'

Kayotsarg literally means abandonment of body, thoughts and mind and get absorbed only in the conscious self. It also means Self Awareness by complete relaxation and inactivity. It is an important meditation in Preksha meditation system.


Take the concentration to the big right toe of right leg. Suggest it to get relaxed and feel it. Similarly take the concentration to each and every part of the body one by one, Suggest it to get relaxed and feel it. Bring the entire body, from toe of right leg up to the head to complete relaxation.

Once the body is completely relaxed, the muscles get demagnetized, the flow of nerve current reduces and breathing calms down.

In this calm state, recall the fact of separate existence of soul from the body. Soul and body are two different entities. The soul is different from the body. Try to feel this fact. Try to live this fact.

Getting deeper with the fact, now simply feel the existence of soul. Completely forget about the body. Try to be with the self with out any hindrance. Forget everything. Just be in this state of emptiness for as much time as you like. Get deeper and deeper into the emptiness, into the meditation.

This state is condusive to come face to face with the self, to come closer to the self. In this inactive state when all the bodily activities are low, there is a good chance to see the activities of consciousness, to come closer in witnessing the consciousness.

Which posture and when:

It can be practiced in standing, sitting or lying down posture. Important thing is maintaining immobility of body. If one is tired or as a beginer, lying down posture could be more convenient. If someone wants to practice in morning or already feeling relaxed then standing posture could be the choice. It can be practiced anytime in a day. A good suggestion is to practice it in same time every day. Practice it for 30 mins, 45 mins or more as per interest.

Some Facts:
  1. Observations have shown that half hour of meditation is more refreshing than 2 hours of sleep.
  2. Keeps the heart healthy, very good for people with heart complications. Thousands of patients with heart related problem got cured through kayotsarg in Adhyatma sadhana center, Delhi and in other Preksha centers.
  3. 45 mins of regular practice is very helpful for curing sleep disorders.
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